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IMPORTANT: DOWNLOAD THE INFO FOR COUNTRIES OUTSIDE SPAIN. In this course you will learn how to create an abstract structure with the shape of a Christmas tree. You will work from the development of the idea up to the finalization of the structure with different decorative elements: glitters, foils, sugar effect, rhinestones, etc. Click here to visit FANTASY SCHOOL and know more about this course


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If you love structures and you are passionate about nail art then this course is for you! Let your imagination flow and create an unique Christmas tree on your nails. In this course you will find different videos where Michi C. Brink will guide you step by step up until the final creation of this curios design structure.Also, this course includes two didactic units on how to prepare a natural nail and the preparation of the practice finger, that will complement your education.

This course is completely online and you can complete on your own rhythm and schedule. You can use your own products (it doesn’t matter which brand) but if you need any products you will get a 10% discount to use in our online store You will receive the discount coupon automatically in an email once you have completed the payment form.

This course includes a “PRACTICE” section where you can submit photos of your Christmas tree so that you can obtain your diploma.


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